The Recovery Foundation believes that through creating healthy environments and encouraging the building of meaningful relationships, people with chemical dependency issues may overcome their circumstances and find a new way to live. The Foundation aims to help people kick addiction and substance abuse problems by helping them to gain access to treatment programmes that cater for their circumstances and living environment. The non-profit organisation encourages recovering addicts to find a new way of living by inspiring them to engage in sports, cultural activities and other healthy outlets. The Recovery Foundation also provides them with the equipment and means to do so.

To date, The Recovery Foundation has helped seven people to get treatment. One individual is now over two and a half year’s clean and has been successfully reintegrated into society. You can read her story here. You can discover more about the numerous ways in which donations are utilised to help people with substance abuse issues and how funds are raised by reading our posts here. By donating to The Recovery Foundation, you can help us get people the treatment they need, and also assist us in achieving our vision for the future.


The Recovery Foundation NPO is classified as an Exempt Micro Enterprise. The Charity’s current turnover is below the threshold of R10 000 000 and as such is automatically defined as being a level 4 BEE contributor. All participating companies/donors are entitled to receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate and all the necessary supporting documents for their contributions made to the Foundation. This support is deductible for tax purposes and may be used to support the company’s BBBEE scorecard status, as all the beneficiaries the Foundation supports fall well within the requirements and percentages of the socio-economic development category.