All addictions have one thing in common: their power depends on something external, something out there in the world, something extrinsic to the individual self. Meditating is the opposite, the antithesis, of addictive behaviour.

A successful recovery begins with a stable state of mind. To help with that, many addiction specialists recommend techniques such as meditation to help in recovery and with any withdrawal symptoms or stress reactions you might experience.

In addiction recovery, mindfulness meditation is used to better accept experiences and feelings as they occur, rather than suppress or modify them. This “present moment” practice is a mind-body intervention that develops skills in regulating attention and resisting impulses. With these building blocks, a person can develop discipline and resilience fostering their progress in sustainable wellness.

What to do when you feel like an addict? The acceptance and moving forward is a crucial step for someone who has symptoms of addiction.

Recovering from alcoholism is important to set goals that are meaningful to you beginning your recovery, but it is also important not to beat yourself up. If you fail, don’t feel guilty about the failure- only the effort matters. Ups and downs can be part of recovery, so hold on to your goal when things get tough.

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