Football Club

The Plaashuizen Warriors are The Recovery Foundation’s Football Team. The team plays at Fives Futbol in Menlyn, Pretoria every Thursday evening. The Recovery Foundation Football Club provides people with the chance to be involved in a team sport and to build happy, fun and healthy relationships during recovery from addiction. The Recovery Foundation hosts a football fundraiser on an annual basis, which creates a huge buzz.

The Football Club gives recovering addicts the opportunity to meet new people and make connections, which helps their recoveries. The Recovery Foundation strives to inspire hope by showing people that drug addicts can recover, while fighting to break the stigma attached to addiction.

All are welcome to join and participate in the comradery! Help us showcase that addicts can and do recovery!

There are no fees. Members are just asked to contribute to the season team entry for the league. The team does fitness training twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday. All information is distributed on our WhatsApp group.

What a member of The Recovery Foundation Football Club has to say:

“It is a new kind of fun that I’m not used to given my situation as a recovering drug addict. I am comfortable with the team we have because it is full of people in the same situation as me. It’s nice knowing we are capable of doing things other than drugs. All people are welcome to join the team because the main aim is to help the still-suffering addicts out there who can’t help themselves.

“One of the highlights of being part of the team is how we improved and gave the other teams a challenge even when we were losing. We still put up a fight. Another highlight was how the other teams recognised us as human beings rather than addicts, which is how society can view us. They made us feel welcome and treated us as equals, which was a beautiful feeling considering the amount of rejection we receive from others.

“Soccer gives us a purpose, something to look forward to, and a stepping stone of hope towards getting our lives back.”

– Thato