Posted By on Nov 25, 2021

All addictions have one thing in common: their power depends on something external, something out there in the world, something extrinsic to the individual self. Meditating is the opposite, the antithesis, of addictive behaviour. A successful recovery begins with a stable state of mind. To help with that, many addiction specialists recommend techniques such as meditation to help in recovery and with any withdrawal symptoms or stress...

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Turning addiction into recovery

Posted By on Nov 24, 2021

There were specific tools designed for addiction recovery with evidence-based science for a successful and holistic journey to sobriety. These tools encompass the long process from quitting to dealing with bad days. You are here, and this may be the beginning of your road towards sobriety. This road may feel impossible right now, but sobriety is possible and it is well within your reach. 1. Coping Skills Coping skills help you to...

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