Substance Abuse Issues in the Workplace

As an employer or business owner, substance abuse issues are probably something that hasn’t crossed your mind. Statistically, 15% of the workplace may be addicted to some harmful substance or another.

Substance Abuse Issues could occur in any workplace such as this

“When alcohol or drug addiction reaches out of control proportions, the resulting negative impacts on productivity, profitability and the mental health of your business.

“Poorly executed tasks, disciplinary hearings, absenteeism, theft and ultimately even death caused by an addiction can cause massive ripple effects in an organisation that add significant stress to the business and its management, says Recovery Direct.

Shock, anger, and frustration are emotions that you would normally go through. If you are fortunate, your company has a policy on how to deal with a matter like this. Most organisations immediately reach for disciplinary hearings and dismissals. This impulsive reaction has detrimental effects on the company due to stress normally surrounding such activities.

For the majority of businesses though, this is not possible. Employee wellness programmes are not accessible for them. This is where The Recovery Foundation can assist.

The main purpose of our Foundation is to assist people who are affected by substance abuse issues. 

We can assist your company in coming up with a substance abuse policy that encompasses training, prevention, as well as remedial procedures for affected persons. The Foundation is a s18A PBO, which means that the organisation can receive tax benefits as well as BEE incentives by engaging the Foundation’s services. 

The Foundation was started by individuals who have been affected by substance abuse issues and who understand the realities that employees, employers, and society encounter with substance abuse. 

The long-term plan of the Foundation is to create an ecosystem where people with substance abuse issues are secure and free to live normal lives. Donations are also welcomed as the organisation supports individuals and families who cannot afford treatment but have requested assistance. 

Like the proverb that states, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, it takes society to overcome addiction.

– Raymond Maboe, Director at The Recovery Foundation

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