Who Are We?

Who is The Recovery Foundation?

The Recovery Foundation NPO was founded by three individuals, Adrienne Dodds, Roberto Ferreira and Brendan James van Staadan. Each individual brings their own focus and flavour to the organisation and together, they form a formidable team who fight to break the stigma of chemical dependency, and help maladjusted people to reintegrate and reconnect with society.

The Recovery Foundation Team emphasises the importance of connection and purpose. The Foundation believes that through creating healthy environments, encouraging strong and meaningful relationships, and fostering an individual’s passion for sports, cultural activities and other healthy outlets, people with chemical dependency issues who feel disconnected, may overcome their circumstances and find a new way to live.

Brendan James van Staaden

Brendan van Staaden was born in Johannesburg on 09 March 1965, completed his matric/12th Grade in 1982, was a Rotary International Youth Exchange Student in Oklahoma, USA in 1983 and received his advanced mathematics diploma at Technikon Witwatersrand in 1985. After finishing Military conscription in 1987, he embarked on a career in sales.

Having worked over the years with many of today’s top professionals in the telecoms arena, Brendan took particular interest in the then ACD systems which would ultimately mature into today’s modern Contact Centres and fittingly, built his first Call Centre Consulting operation in 1994.

Brendan later spent some time in 1999 establishing the Call Centre Professional Services Division of Philips Business Communications and founded Inter-Active Technologies, which became one of the largest domestic BPO Contact Centre operations in South Africa, where he pioneered the overflow customer service centre and a host of other customer interaction management (CIM) technologies and services.

Brendan’s understanding of customer contact and the variety of interaction channels available to customers today has positioned him as a thought leader in this quadrant and he has participated as a keynote speaker at various prestigious customer events and functions nationwide in the customer service and experience management ambits.

Brendan’s brainchild, Inter-Active Technologies was acquired by Bytes People Solutions, a division of Altron TMT in 2014, after which he spent some time doing project work and following a few of his personal passions, most significant of which is his mad passion for bicycles, any bicycles! Brendan has completed many of the South African mountain bike stage races and placed 11th in Grand Masters in 2016 at the ABSA Cape Epic. He was fortunate enough to summit Kilimanjaro in 2013 and is pretty willing to take on most of life’s exciting challenges.

Brendan is a director at The Recovery Foundation NPO and is committed to helping people who are unable to find their way back into society, jobs and life. For Brendan, the important thing is to help those trying to redeem social conditions, through raising funds and awareness via the mediums of cycling, running and other physical tools to help reintegrate folk who have suffered damage from various psychosocial afflictions. These could be, loss of loved ones, loss of businesses, livelihoods, drug and alchohol dependency sufferers and depressives to mention but a few.

His never say die and no quit attitude coupled with a crazy sense of humour is the cornerstone of his life and he has a very simple outlook when it comes to challenges: “It’s exactly like riding a bike, sometimes the road goes up, sometimes down, sometimes flat, but no place to rest. To keep moving and stay balanced, he has to keep pedaling”.

Brendan has a beautiful 13 year old daughter Gabriella and loves his animals, music and tech gadgets!

He is blessed with magnificent friends and enjoys life to the fullest.


Roberto Ferreira

Roberto Ferreira is an Addictions Specialist and is a director at The Recovery Foundation NPO. He is currently completing his BA degree in Counselling Psychology through Unisa.

Roberto has years of practical experience working with people affected by addiction and with addicts. He heads up the Recovery Foundation and may be considered to be the face of the organisation.

Roberto is dedicated to furthering the understanding and treatment of addiction. He is committed to changing public opinion on the nature of addiction in the hope of breaking the stigma attached to addicts and addiction. Roberto considers himself an activist towards equal rights among people.

Roberto’s vision, together with his studies, is to change public opinion on what addiction is – both for substance abusers and non-substance abusers – and to support this with thorough research and empirical knowledge.

He currently works at a treatment facility in Pretoria, Trust in Hope, and his goal is to make treatment options more accessible, especially to those that cannot gain access to meaningful abstinent and non-abstinent-based treatment options

Other than his passion for his studies, Roberto also devotes his time to the following activities:

  • He serves as an alternate delegate for a 12-step fellowship.
  • On a regular basis, he appears on different media platforms, such as radio, print and TV, to be interviewed about addiction and its realities.
  • Similar to Brendan, Roberto also harbours a serious passion for sports. He is a keen cyclist and footballer, and uses these sports to further raise awareness and knowledge about recovery from addiction as well as to raise funds for persons that do not have access to care and treatment.

Roberto is learning to integrate the principles of abstinence-based treatment together with harm reduction methodologies, with the aim of helping others to find a purpose in their own lives, regardless of if they are abstinent or not.

Before all else, we are all human, and deserve to be treated as such.


Adrienne Dodds

In a decade of working with others, Adrienne Dodds is passionate about helping those who are unable to afford treatment. Adrienne has worked in primary care rehabilitation centres, and in outpatient programmes.

In terms of qualifications, Adrienne is certified with the Council of Counsellors and is an Intermediate Addictions Counsellor with the Board of Addiction Professionals of South Africa.

Adrienne currently manages Malachite Halfway House where the objective is to look after those who are transitioning from primary care to living life on life’s terms out in the world. She is also a director at The Recovery Foundation NPO.

Adrienne adds value to The Recovery Foundation with her vast knowledge of recovery processes and her extensive research on the matter of addiction. Adrienne has nurtured strong personal and professional relationships through the cause and has facilitated workshops on addiction. Adrienne and Roberto have conducted workshops together and share a similar view on recovery from addiction.

Adrienne believes that long-term treatment works and that for far too long the stigma of addiction has prevented people from reaching out and asking for help.

Her areas of special interest are dual-diagnosis clients and women in recovery.  The people she would love to work with the most are those who use drugs and are desperate for help.

Adrienne strongly believes in The Recovery Foundation. She trusts that with the right funding, the foundation may provide opportunities to these people to get treatment, and long-term treatment.